T-SQL Tuesday #112 “A New Cookie Jar”


This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by @SOZDBA. Thanks Shane! BTW, T-SQL Tuesday builds upon the work of Adam Machanic and the continuing selfless efforts of Steve Jones. Thank guys!

My response to what is my reserve of strength as proposed in his post: “Dipping into your Cookie jar”

Too Many Links!!!

Guilty as charged. This topic activated A LOT of memories and thoughts for me. The benefits of getting older…


Some definitions:
Bagfries (a term from software development. Exhausted but finding some bagfries.)

Running on fumes

A cool documentary from the .dot com era about working under pressure doing software development:

Code Rush

And if I could only see the future…

Styx – Crystal Ball

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Crystal Ball

And one of my heroes (fictional!) – Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Speech – Motivation

And I like how his elderly (!) trainer Mickey felt the need to keep on living by just watching Rocky train and fight so hard- it gave him hope.

Rocky Balboa – Motivational/Inspirational Speech To Son

Mental Visualization

Challenge is to see yourself doing it right, then you do it right. When it is done and when people are at their peak, it can account for up to nearly 25% physical training time. Meaning that is can help offset training time but not replace it. Being able to recall memories or knowing that you have overcome something hard in the past gives one fuel to press on. Nothing lasts forever…

Two books I like:

The Mental Athlete

10-Minute Toughness

Now, all of these have to do with physical fitness. Using mental models to improve physical performance and looking into one’s past for examples.

What about sitting in front of a computer all day? Use these techniques to increase your typing speed, sure, but how can these models be used to make you a better data professional?

“…So tell me about a time when you had an accomplishment that can keep you going.”

Okay, one more motivational video.

The Matrix Reloaded – Morpheus Speech

I loved The Matrix series, still do. And The Animatrix was really good too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Animatrix

Now that affordable virtual reality (VR) is here, how can we build a new type of cookie jar? A new set of experiences we can fall back on when the going gets tough and we have no more bag fries or gas in the tank to keep going? When it seems like all hope is lost and we just can’t fight anymore?

A song from my youth. On the track from the movie Heavy Metal: Blue Oyster Cult – Veteran of the Psychic Wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pFdkkjGiEs

This is where our future is heading. People facing outside battles and inside battles too. Scars on the inside. Nothing left to fight with after a long battle. Beyond exhausted and no resources to draw upon and no backups are anywhere in sight. Spent and all alone.

Now enter human likeness avatars. Of ourselves. Or something completely different. Which can be programmed to do the thing we want to be able to visualize ourselves being able to do well under extreme circumstances.

This clip is from SIGGRAPH last year. I have no idea what holds in store this year but I can’t wait to see what is revealed at The Game Developer Conference (GDC) next week as this kind of stuff is just going to get better and more affordable.

The actor Andy Serkis (from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and others) was digitally scanned and then rigged using software. Watch how digital Andy starts out as Osiris Black first then morphs into his digital self while reciting Shakespeare.

And a longer look at the tech & demoes. Remember this is ALL done in Unreal Engine 4!

So! Now just imagine an avatar of you (either real-life or something you can identify with) practicing the thing you want to get better at. Once the memories are deeply formed one will be able to re-call them in the midst of trials and tribulations. And make it easier to visualize success. This capability is probably a few years away but it is getting closer every day.

The cookie jar to dip into based on either our own successes in the real world or being able to jump into VR and see intensely memorable scenes based on what we are trying to do is going to be a new realm of human achievement. It will be new, scary as hell at times but it is coming.

How about an aged version of you, using a corpus of your voice sampled into artificial intelligence (AI) learning models (https://lyrebird.ai/), giving you advice today? Would you listen to your future self? How would that affect your behavior today? Or someone else important to you?

My existing cookie jar is knowing I have overcome problems and I trust my intuition, creativity, imagination, wisdom and experience. I have succeeded where others have failed, but not all of the time- I am still learning and growing.

My future cookie jar will continue along those lines but I am interested in a digital version of myself in a new way- using avatars to assist with mental visualization.


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