The Beacons of Akela

Long ago, I had a gelling of an idea.

I had chills when I saw the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

The sequence of the human element of immense (and boring!) resposibility of The Becons of Gondor. Much like many of our Armed Forces on alert status.

Now, there has been scientific debate on both the merits and possibilities of the feasibility of The Becons of Gondor. Could it really have worked? Could it punch through fog? How long would it burn brightly? Etc, etc…

Now, for a real-world proposal.

Here in the USA, I came up with an idea. From the beginnings of the Rocky Mountains in the state of New Mexico all of the way up into Canada, could we build a multi-thousand mile Beacons of Akela? And could it actually work and how well could it work? Could we send a message from New Mexico, into the farthest reaches of Canada along the Rocky Mountain range, and send a message back?

I believe the answer is YES.

It would require some extensive modifications to what has been done in the past and I have several ideas on how to do it. And a TON of logistics and coordination.

It would be a Morse Code message repeatedly transmitted from mountain top to mountain top, using nothing more than sunlight. A sophisticated heliograph. My version would use a proprietary design such that one does not have to rely on the orientation of the sun during the day to transmit messages. Ideally ZERO electricity used.

So not only would it be quicker than the Becons of Gondor, it could transmit messages as well.

I fear that this technology could be used for nefarious purposes and I have hesitated and not shared this idea for a very long time. If I died today and all of my fantastic ideas died with me, then all would be lost, so here is a bone πŸ™‚

With that being said, there are other adaptations of this idea I have spent time thinking about. Like using starlight too…

Will I ever see The Becons of Akela come to light (haha)? Time will tell.

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