T-SQL Tuesday #143: import this

October’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by John Armando McCormack – thanks John!

According to his post, we can pick any snippet or consistent goto code we reach for on a regular basis.

For a while now, I have been teaching myself and using Python more and more everyday. It has become my programming lingua franca of late. Will SQL Server Integration Services in version vNext (to be announced at the upcoming Ignite??? SQL Server 2019 is showing its age) ever natively allow Python? In Script Task Component the choices are Visual Basic or C# but no love for Python…

In the world of data science Python is all the rage. Don’t get me wrong, I love 4th generation programming languages but for me at this point of my life right now, Python is where it is at.

Heh, just like they announced availability of Visual Studio 2022 (up from 2019), I predict SQL Server 2022 will be announced at Ignite. I am also NOT under any kind of NDA with Microsoft so come at me bro!

A tool of many data scientists are Jupyter Notebooks. Type some code and run it and it can also save the results with the notebook, unlike SQL Server Management Studio.

So! My favorite daily reminder in my notebooks is -> import this <-

Python has a beauty in and of its own. Run ONE line of code and you can see The Zen of Python. Awesome!

A book published by our friends over at RedGate many years ago by Phil Factor was called SQL Code Smells. I wish many of these could be made into The Zen of SQL. If you are new to SQL, please consider adding this to your arsenal and don’t forget to click on the code examples too. You might not understand everything now, but in due time you will see many of these gems and say, “Ah-ha! I remember reading that somewhere!”

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